Teaching My Fair Lady Pt. 2

The readings these past few weeks have supported my decision in how I plan to create my final project. As initially stated, I wanted to create a lesson plan of sorts that calls attention to speeches of the Congress of Representative Women at the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair. I think my idea of using a textual analysis tool such as Voyant connects discussion of technology how we can incorporate them in historical study. My audience is students, and I believe that in creating a lesson plan that deals with textual analysis not only opens up their technological skills, but also the way in which we can process historical knowledge. This digital technology is crucial to my project.

These women talked about a range of issues from sex, gender, race, class, science, etc., and while they are all important in their own right, what can we extract from them without reading an entire speech? What could the students learn from plugging in a speech into Voyant and using the vocabulary tools? Does this teach them something different from reading? I think there are many questions that can be answered. In addition and theoretically, can also help to measure the learning process. The ability to incorporate technology into learning historical information is important to me, because it helped me to view history in a new way and I think can have the same affect on other students.

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