My Fair Lady Wrapped Up

Developing My Fair Lady has been a long and rewarding process. While this semester is coming to a close, I really want to reflect on my journey throughout my project.

First, My Fair Lady definitely did not end up as I had first imagined it in previous blog posts, I am not sure if its even close. However, I am still proud of the work I accomplished. Coming into my Digital Public History course (the course I developed My Fair Lady) I had no prior knowledge of using Omeka for any of my previous DH work. I was not able to accomplish everything I wanted, or at least what I had hoped for some of the cosmetic and navigational issues in Omeka, but made it work. I spent a good amount of time having to constant read through Omeka plugin page and googling questions like “can I add a back button to my Omeka page?”. However, by the end of this semester I really was able to get a good grasp on creating en exhibit in Omeka, and feel comfortable doing so.

My Fair Lady changed many times throughout this semester, and more so as I got to my final stages. I had found that certain information didn’t fit well where I had originally planned it, I needed to get ride of some information, or move some of my pages around. The editing process helped me to grasp exactly what I wanted to show my audience and present to the public. I will admit there are things I still want to change, and probably will, I think I’ll continue to add to it for some time. There is still so much more information about the women and the speeches that I could add.

I think that is also one more thing I learned during this course, there is always room for improvement when it comes to digital public history projects. As a general rule of thumb improvement is always good, but I mean something different in this case. As a creator, I constantly had to think about my audience and who I want to interact with my project. This heavily influence navigation aspects and content creation within my project. I know all the backend areas of My Fair Lady and can move around the website with ease. However, that isn’t the case for everyone. And that is what I mean by, there is always room for improvement.

This semester, really provided me with the opportunity to not only learn to skills but also improve on ones that I already possessed. I throughly enjoyed the social media aspect and the ability to create my own plan for social. I hadn’t the opportunity to do that before, and I think it’s useful today. As previously mentioned, I learned the workings of Omeka and have a level of comfortability with it now that I didn’t before. I also continued to practice my metadata skills. In addition to these skills, I really got to explore digital public history in a way that I hadn’t before. It has easily become one of my favorite things. The ability to create something online, in an age where we are internet driven, feels impactful.

Below is My Fair Lady in all her glory. My hope is that whether it peaks your interest, you learn something, it feel relevant, whatever it may be, that you enjoy.

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