Measuring Success

My internship journey has been rewarding and immensely positive to say the least! While I have already learned so much, and there is still more to learn, there are a few things I have incorporated into my work life that has provided me with success. Most importantly is my work schedule. By setting aside a specific time of everyday, at the same time (I do my internship work in the morning/early afternoon) has helped my mindset to focus on my tasks and what needs to be done within a timely manner. Additionally, good communication, and learning good communication skills, has been a theme throughout my internship for me. I am witnessing and learning how to be a good professional communicator amongst individuals and team members. Also, as my mentor and I have continued to work on the Smithsonian Voices blog, I have found that editing/being a part of the editing process has helped me capitalize on writing skills that aren’t necessarily academia focused. And throughout this entire process, I have received positive feedback on the work I have accomplished.

My experience thus far has been positive and rewarding, but I have endured some obstacles. From this I have learned that changes will occur, and to be flexible when possible. For example, my mentor and I recently received new guidance for the blog post I have helped publish on the Smithsonian Voices Blog site. With this new guidance, we are having to navigate how we process in editing, communicating with the writers, and publishing. I believe that while this is challenging it is also a measure of success. We have had several discussions on what the editing process has looked like and what it needs to look like going forward, for me I have come to better understand compromise and collaboration amongst other Smithsonian professionals. I think that challenges sometimes connotates a negative notion, but it does not necessarily mean so. To be challenged also means overcome.

Success can be measured in many different ways, whether it’s positive feedback, connections being made, completing a task, etc. And I believe that this internship is providing me with the confidence to set myself up for success in the future, not only in just computational methods, but the professional climate as well. To me that is success.

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