Influential Media in Public History

Pubic history works tends to be thought of as only in museums or archives. However, we now know that public history is an umbrella terms for those things and more! The age of internet seems to have found its way into the mix of things. Public history intersects with digital public history in was the have been made possible in the internet age. Just as public history is an umbrella term, so is digital public history.

One of the most prominent examples of the influence public history has had on digital public history is tours. So many digital public history projects have focused on giving virtual tours or guided tour through online platforms. This means that when people go to the Washington Mall they can use digital public history projects like; Histories of the National Mall , Clio, or Historypin to interact more deeply with their surroundings. This is even possible for those that do not have the luxury of living close by to some of the most famous historical sites.

Another example is podcasting that coincides with museum exhibits. Digital public history can build upon pubic history work in order to generate new content, engagement, meanings, and more. Specifically with podcasts, it provides exhibitions or sites the opportunity to expand upon their materials for people interested in the backstory, more information, or solely for supporting the institution. Audio tours can also be a part of this as well.

I think it is important to note that not all digital public history necessarily coincides with public history institutions or projects. There are numerous digital public history projects that are created as standalone exhibits, podcasts, blog sites, computation tools, etc. However, this sort of engagement has followed suit of pubic historians and finding new ways to study historical materials. Digital public history is still a growing field, but both public and digital work and influence one another in different ways.

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