An Update On My Fair Lady extended…

As I have previously discussed in other blog posts, I intend to extend My Fair Lady and model how the materials and information can be used by teachers for students. My idea, and what I have partially completed, is to add another page to my Omeka site that is a resources/teaching page where I house my materials for modeling. My intention is to demonstrate how Voyant (text analysis tool) can be used to extract certain information from the speeches and how we might use that to understand them in a way outside of strictly reading text on a screen. My hope is to engage students through the use of digital technology and tools that can help them with the speech material from the website, but beyond in other text heavy work they might encounter. So far I have collected my plain text files that I intend to use, as well as constructing the additional Omeka page. I have also continued to play around with Voyant to determine exactly what I want to display for the purpose of my own model and have to narrow down my options. As the last few weeks wrap up, I plan on embedding the Voyant work into Omeka alongside my commentary so that it is easily readable and concise in my point. My hope is once I have the rough version complete, I can see where information or material might be lacking and can edit to make sure that it is fully rounded and understood by my audience.

This past week really helped me to work through some of the doubts I was having about this project. I had the opportunity to chat with a fellow classmate about our own projects. Rachel, who is also working on a text heavy project, seemed to also struggle with some of the same issues I encountered at first. Whether we were doing too much or not enough. Are our intentions clear? What exactly can we have people take away from our projects in a learning environment? We both talked each other through what our project was, what we wanted to do/were doing, and what our final goal was. It was through this process, that we either provided feedback or reassurance on certain aspects in which we weren’t feeling so confident on. However, she really gave some helpful insight into how I should finish out the rest of my project. I had been questioning whether I wanted to focus on the entirety of the text I had available or should I choose the ones that had stood out and felt could speak more to an important dialogue about women in society then in comparison to today? After expressing this during our conversation, she had asked which one suited my intentions more. So after having thought more throughly about my intentions, I am letting the text do some of the work for me. I have worked on plugging in a few speeches I found important versus the entirety of the speeches available to me. That’s where I still am working to narrow down what I want to display versus what is beneficial in the modeling sense, and how I could theoretically have students go beyond what I am modeling. With just a few weeks left, I am looking forward to seeing where my final project takes me and how I can continue to fill out a project I have already worked so hard on.



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